DeathWind tm

“AccuBarrel” and “UnHeard” Suppressors

Harmonically Tuned Barrels & Barrel-Suppressor Assemblies
Extremely Accurate / Extremely Quiet

An unexpected side effect of most silencers/suppressors has been that in general they will actually improve accuracy. Some particular types of guns and some particular cartridges produce similar very good/bad accuracy effects. We noticed this effect several years ago and have been isolating and fine tuning this and other accuracy enhancing effects ever since. We are applying several of these techniques into our enhanced accuracy “AccuBarrel” and “UnHeard” barrel/suppressor assemblies.

We do not believe in excessive barrel porting just to reduce sound levels, accuracy and energy on target are more important to us. This with the fact that we do not use any screen, grommets or other “absorbers” in the baffle stack makes these units have a very long duty life between cleanings.

It has previously been proven in test by some of the best professionals that it is very difficult to produce accurate repeatable noise reduction figures because there are a multitude of variables that elude consistency even with the best personnel, equipment and conditions available. Secondarily, actual sound and perceived sound can be considerably different. A lower decibel level can actually be perceived by the ear as being louder or quieter under varying conditions. Results from Lab to Field can be dramatically different.

Once after much test firing and discussion about sound measurement another manufacturer at Knob Creek came up with new way to judge suppressors, his comment was that suppressors have a “GRIN” factor (You shoot it and grin like a 5 year old in a candy store). DeathWind suppressors have a Very Large “GRIN” Factor.

Here you are not buying just a suppressor, this is a highly tuned Barrel / Suppressor system designed for demanding applications to provide Maximum Accuracy with Maximum Energy on target as Quietly as possible, when that ONE Shot Counts, you want one of the best.......

Basic Pricing:


AccuBarrel Tuned Barrel and UnHeard Titanium Suppressor Unit 
.22 Long Rifle.... Pistol .... $675.00 / Rifle .... $875.00


AccuBarrel Tuned Rifle Barrel….. $575.00

All orders are custom and we prefer to use 3AL2.5V Titanium as our primary tube material. The DeathWind tm “AccuBarrel” is a shrouded tuned rifle barrel assembly with a built in muzzle brake and is not a NFA item itself. The “UnHeard” suppressor that uses a AccuBarrel as an integral part of the shroud type suppressor and is a NFA item. They are legal in all states EXCEPT in DE, DC, HI, IL, MT, NY, NJ, RI. We are a Federally Licensed Class II Manufacturer and sell in the USA ONLY.

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