DeathWind” is a prototype next generation self contained rocket projectile designed for Military (primarily Naval) weapons usage. It is a blend of the MBAssociates 13mm “GYROJET” and the Russian “Shkval” torpedo designs combined with some “Coanda Effect” physics.

Design Concept Features:

Absolutely No Recoil ...... Actually there is a slight negative recoil as the projectile actually tends to pull a vacuum in front of itself because of specific design features and the “Coanda” effect.

Very Little Noise ...... Only a whoosh sound, no loud bang at the weapon as would be normally expected. A sonic boom is generated downrange at an angle to the flight path when the projectile exceeds the speed of sound.

Superb Accuracy ...... The projectile design itself is inherently accurate because of the extremely high spin rate plus the mass placement and thrust distribution resulting from the location of the forward venturi.

Devastating Impact ...... Where a “normal” projectile starts losing velocity and energy the instant it leaves the muzzle of a firearm the “DeathWind” actually increases both velocity and energy until propellant burnout. The extreme high spin rate and velocity greatly enhance target penetration and shock.

Multi Platform Capable ...... The initial design and prototype is for a nominal .50” diameter projectile, however this design concept will lend itself to a wide range of use from approximately .25” diameter all the way up to objects as large as dirigibles or submarines with varying levels of effectiveness.

Air, Water, Space , Multi Environment ...... DeathWind” is a completely sealed, self contained projectile only requiring an electrical pulse to trigger and a short vented tube to provide launch guidance.

Supercavitation Underwater Weapon ...... The new project is “Moses DeathWind” (as in “The Parting of the Waters“) and is specifically designed for underwater use. The old “DeathWind” design will supercavitate most of the projectile, the current design objective is to cause the entire projectile to supercavitate.

Current Status and Policy:

The First and Second generation prototypes shown here were made from surplus .50BMG projectile jackets and various empty rifle shell casings. For prototyping this served some basic purposes such as economy, proof of concept and design, and finally to keep everything legal within the BATF regulations. The igniter that is used is electrical in design with the propulsion coming from a double base propellant vectored out midway up the body creating a “Coanda effect” around the rear of the projectile thus causing it to supercavitate. While these prototypes served to prove the principles of the concept and basic design the .50BMG jackets were too heavy to provide the performance desired. The third generation dealt with a redesign to lighten the projectile while retaining the same basic shapes.

The Fourth generation design (Spring 2004) is a radical change in the shape, contours and thrusters of the projectile which greatly reduces drag while increasing thrust vectoring. The end result of which greatly increases the ability to produce a supercavitation effect. These design changes have also resulted in some unexpected spin offs in the fields of improved propulsion concepts for torpedoes, dirigibles and other high drag objects. At this time further design information will deliberately be reserved until some Design, Patent and Trademark issues can be resolved. The Trademark “
DeathWind” now has a serial number.

A Fifth generation ( Fall 2004 ) is a modified 12.7mm percussion primed “DeathWind design” projectile that will function and fire in the original MBA 13mm “Gyrojet” guns, thus creating the “DeathWind Gyrojet”. Design and prototyping are near completion and we are currently making sure it will fly with the BATF and are designing production tooling. With luck we plan on having product becoming available to the 13mm Gyrojet owners within one year.

We are also working on creating a “MBA Gyrojet Library” on this Web Page which will contain information on the original Gyrojet weapons and cartridges. Our intention is to present as much ORIGINAL MBAssociates Gyrojet information as possible, hopefully to accurately document its history. We have been very fortunate to make contact with a former MBA employee and hope thru him to correct many of the misconceptions about the original Gyrojets. We have also acquired some copies of a few original magazine articles and will be posting them when we can get releases from the original publishers.


We would greatly appreciate any contributions of information or copies of old articles about the original MB Associates Gyrojet firearms and their ammunition.

We are in need of the use of advanced flow prediction software that will model the Coanda and supercavitation effects. Yes, I know what it cost, that’s why.... I am looking for serious research and/or investment funding, preferably from the U.S. Navy and/or Air Force.


Steve Ritter

For additional information or to contact me use the E-mail address below: 

Left to Right.... My First Original. 30 prototype..... Second Generation. 30 x .22Hornet prototype, .50BMG x 7.62x39 based prototype, .50BMG x 7.62x51 prototype, .50BMG x .280Remington prototype..... Original late issue Gyrojet cartridge.... Current .223, .308, .50BMG Commercial cartridges.


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